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Summer jobs and working holidays abroad 2016

PlayaWay Abroad is now recognised as the market-leading company to help people work abroad in summer resorts such as Ibiza, Malia, Zante, Magaluf, Ayia Napa, Kavos and Tenerife.

14,000 people just like you have now used our service to get season work in summer resorts. All year round jobs abroad are also available. Working abroad on your own or with a friend has never been easier as we arrange everything for you.

We are the experts at helping young people work abroad in bars and clubs. We specialise in organising and sending groups to work abroad and help find them summer jobs abroad in party destinations. If you are looking at summer work abroad, then look no further!

Having helped thousands of our guests to get summer jobs and work abroad all year round, your experience couldn't be in better hands. We provide you with a complete package and service so that you can fulfil your dream of working abroad.

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10 year Anniversary!

10 year Anniversary!

PlayaWay Abroad is one of the first companies created to help people work abroad. We are now the largest working holidays abroad company and recognise...

Summer work abroad 2016 - Jobs in Ayia Napa, Malia, Magaluf, Ibiza, Kavos, Tenerife and Zante

If you’re fed up of the UK, have just finished college or Uni, or simply looking for a change we have the perfect package to suit you, including accommodation and jobs abroad.

This is your opportunity to live and work abroad in holiday resorts and all you need to do is decide where!

Whether you are looking for the summer job of a lifetime in Tenerife, Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Kavos, Zante, Magaluf or Malia PlayaWay have the perfect package for you.

Guest Reviews
Brad, Glasgow
I had one of the best experiences of my life and met some amazing people!
Maria, Nottinghame
Loved every minute, met friends for life and had the most amazing, mad time. Dont be afraid to go for it because you won't regret it. Playa fucking way! Woo :) x
Elly, London
An unbelieveable experience that would not have been the same without all the reps; they make it an experience with their support and knowlegde of everything around the area. It's a brilliant company giving opportunities a usual holiday never could.
Emma, Scotland
PlayaWay Abroad was the best decision I ever made, experience was amazing and made so many new friends. I was nervous at first but once I got off the plane in Tenerife all my fears soon disappeared. I highly recommend anyone thinking of working abroad just do it..... playa playa playa f***ing wayyy!!! Woooop!
Rebecca, Edinburgh
I had a great time in Kos, and met loads of people through PlayaWay.
Eleanor, London
I was only in Ibiza for a few days due to not feeling well, but I had an amazing time for the short time I was there, though I am kicking myself a lot for coming home early! The reps were lovely, everyone I met out there was lovely... Get me back to Ibiza!
Sam, Hampshire
All reps were great with regards to helpfulness etc. very supportive, great with event organization, overall 10 out of 10 rating for everything!!!!
Emma, Yorkshire
Best experience of my life, loved every minute of it & made so many friends too!! Would definitely recommend PlayaWay to anybody :)
Rachel, Ireland
Thanks for everything, the accommodation, the help from the reps I loved it all :)
Brad, Manchester
Had an amazing time in Magaluf this summer. I was aprehensive and nervous about travelling alone at first but, as soon as I arrived, I felt at home. I arrived on one of Playaway's later dates which meant many 'Playaways' were still in Maga working. Everyone was really welcoming and friendly and it really is possible to make friends instantly in a place like this. I've had so many good times out here; working in bars, beach parties, pool parties, world class DJ sets and clubs and partying 'till 8am. I've had the best time ever with Playaway this summer and I cannot reccommend it enough to anyone thinking of working abroad in a crazy party destination, like Magaluf. Living and working abroad in a place like Magaluf really helps you to develop and mature as a person. I regret nothing!
Daisy, Essex
PlayaWay gave me the experience of a life time always wanted to do it and now I have! They helped me out a lot, got me the job I loved! If it werent for my reps Rachelle, Mike, Karina and Matt dont think I could have done it they helped me out a lot always there for you when you needed them no matter what time of day/night it was always looking out for you but also was there for a laugh aswell they were amazing!!
Arron, London
Reps in Ayia Napa were quality, broke the ice amongst all the groups well making everyone feel included and part of it, nights out were all good, help with finding work was there! Everything was spot on!