So the sun has set on another summer… and what a summer it was! Jam packed with madness, mayhem and memories that will last a life time! Full of nights that turned into days and friends that turned into family.

People say that you meet your best friends at college or university, these people have obviously never done a season abroad! You move abroad to live the life of a season worker, for the free drinks at work, for the sunny days at the beach, to basically enjoy a really long holiday and make money while doing it – . Live the dream! Most people aren’t prepared for the other part, the people you meet a long the way. You have no inhibitions and you can be your true self and the people you live with and work with still love you no matter how crazy you are. These are life long bonds that people are making which people who have not done a season abroad will never understand, you can know someone for 3 months and feel like you’ve known them all your life! There were definitely some very tearful goodbyes.

But don’t worry it’s not all over!! The PlayaWay Reunion is only around the corner… A chance to relive those crazy nights with your Tenerife, Malia, Zante, Ayia Napa, Magaluf and Ibiza family. A time to reminisce on the summer gone, a time to pay tribute to the nights you will never forget… Or the ones you will never remember!! Time to celebrate the past and make plans for the future!

Although the summer may have passed Tenerife is still live and kicking with arrivals through the Winter. So if you’ve returned to the UK and itching to get back in resort or you missed out this summer and just can’t wait months until the next season this is your chance!! With a lively nightlife and beautiful sunny weather all year round what more could a person want in life?

So here is to all of our PlayaWay family that have truly made summer 2015 and to all those who will be joining us in the future! We love you all and remember to live the dream!

PlayaWay Abroad X