Whether you’re just looking for a fling or chasing the real thing – PlayaWay have come up with the 🔑 5 Golden Rules for your Summertime holiday romance!

🔑 Get Summer Body Ready: It goes without saying for a holiday romance that this should be top of the list. A Summer abroad will likely consist of lots of lovely food and lots of cocktails – so at least make the effort to start on the right foot before it all goes downhill.

🔑 Don’t make a plan: they say you’re most likely to find love when you’re not looking for it and after all – good things come to those who wait – so if it doesn’t happen in the first week, don’t freak out and keep your cool!
🔑 Be clear about your intentions from the get go: holiday dating is like normal dating on steroids and with only a number of weeks to get from 0-100 there’s no point beating about the bush. If you like him / her – just tell them!
🔑 Choose with caution! Often the people you meet may be staying at the same resort / location as you – before you go after your prey, be sure you’d be comfortable spending the rest of your Summer with them, or within awkwardly close proximity – as they may not be all that easy to avoid!
🔑 Bro’s before hoes / chicks before dicks! Remember, if it doesn’t work out, you don’t want to be hanging around the pool by yourself because you ditched all of your friends!
🔑 Finally – and perhaps most importantly – they may not be “THE ONE”. Holiday romances often flake faster than sunburn so don’t be too disheartened if you don’t end up in a long term relationship. Overall, stay safe and go with an open mind and you’ll be in for a truly unforgettable Summer!
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