If you’re fed up of the UK, have just finished college or Uni, or simply looking for a change we have the perfect package to suit you, including accommodation and jobs abroad.

The Experience

PlayaWay Abroad is an experience of a lifetime, just take a look at what our previous guests have had to say on the guest reviews page. Many people dream about working abroad, and we're the number one company ready and waiting to make that happen. Working abroad is an experience filled with adventure, excitement and is a truly unique memory you'll never forget.


Working Abroad is about taking steps in to the unknown and enjoying the experiences you encounter. We understand that many people want to work abroad but can be apprehensive about doing it. Here at PlayaWay Abroad around 80% of our guests travel on their own. So don't be afraid, just go for it, you will get to know your group before you arrive through PlayaWorld.

Whether you are from the UK, Ireland or other parts of the world, PlayaWay unites guests together and you'll feel as if you're part of the family in no time.

If you want to share the experience with your friends it's not a problem at all, you'll be on the same flight, in the same accommodation and living every moment together.


Although our summer work abroad package lasts for a month, you can stay as long as you want to. Around 50-60% of guests stay on with the help of the PlayaWay Abroad Rep Team. You will either have the option of staying on in the same accommodation at a special 'existing PlayaWay guest rate' or we will help you find other accommodation to suit your requirements.

We have plenty of contacts with estate agents, private letting companies and the reps will share their wealth of knowledge with you.

We believe that Tenerife is the only resort that is feasible for you to work all year round, if working abroad all year round appeals to you, this is a great option. All other resorts start opening in May and close around October time.


To book with PlayaWay Abroad all you need is the will to work abroad and seek the experience of living the dream.

The majority of our guests travel on their own (Around 70%-80%) but you can also travel with your friend too.

Age requirements - 17+ (if you are younger or need clarification please contact the working abroad advisors for confirmation that you can book with PlayaWay Abroad)

If you are coming on your own, don't feel scared BE EXCITED as you will meet many other people that are doing exactly the same as you. The PlayaWay Reps will help bond the group and you'll be socialising in no time. YOU WILL be making friends for life.


What are the initial costs?

After you register your booking online you will need to pay your registration booking fee of £69 to confirm your booking.

Once the fee has been received along with your registration information, a member of our team will contact you with further information including a confirmation letter sent via email.

There are limited places for each departure date so be sure to book early so that we can begin matching you with the best people to suit your personality and to avoid any disappointment.


Upon check-in, a refundable €100 deposit is required. When you check-out, this is refunded to you but remember - "you break it, you buy it". Finally, your Rep works very hard for you and is dedicated to making your stay enjoyable and is on hand for your whole stay. You will attend a morning meeting the day after arrival. Here you will pay your reps €50 and in return you will receive help, advice and all his/her knowledge of the island for the duration of your stay. Here are the details of what the rep fee is for:

  • Help positioning you in work and advising you on all areas of jobs
  • PlayaWay wristband entitling you to immediate discounted drinks and food
  • Organising bar crawls, meals out, pool parties, trips & excursions
  • Help with all legalities e.g. NIE, Residencia, and Social Security etc.
  • Help setting up bank accounts, mobile phones etc.
  • Advice & Knowledge on resort e.g. best and cheapest restaurants, internet cafes, laundry etc.
  • On Hand in Event of an Emergency
  • Help finding further accommodation after your month is up and help finding your flight home
  • PlayaWay Reps have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are there to be a part of the group.

Please note that all payments made by you in the resort should be paid in Euros.
Booking your PlayaWay experience couldn't be easier. Simply click here to book online or call the working abroad advisors on 0871 288 4412 to discuss other methods.

The Jobs

Please note that all hours & pay depend on the destination you are working in.

Below are just some of the jobs that you could find yourself in, there are many others.

Bar Staff


Varied depending on location but tend to be 6 hour shifts between 9pm-3am.


Average wage is 20-40 euros a day plus any tips.


Working behind the bar in the islands best bars/clubs, serving anything from local beer to exotic cocktails. It is more advantageous to have experience but not essential. You will need to be good with numbers as well as be able to gel with the punters.


Regular Wage, Working in party places, FREE drinks!!

Bar / Club PR


Starting times vary but are usually between 9pm-3am depending on bar/club shifts tend to be 6 hours long


Some bars/clubs offer a basic wage of 20-40 Euros per night others may have a commission structure of 50c-1euro per person you bring in. It is all dependent on the bar/club


You will be approaching tourists, trying to get them in to the bar or club you are working for. You will spend your evenings drinking and chatting up people. You will need to be outgoing, confident and be able to work in a party atmosphere.


Free drinks, Working in a party atmosphere and meeting everyone that's out on a night!!

Restaurant Work


Dependent on role, it can be any hours from 10am till Midnight. Usually 8 hours shifts.


This is dependent on the role and amount of hours worked but can be between 20-50 Euros a day/night plus tips


You could be either in a PR role handing out leaflets for the restaurant, a waiter/waitress or kitchen work. A bubbly personality and a big smile will get you far working in the restaurants.


Basic wage, most restaurants offer free lunch and/or dinner to staff. Night time will be left free to party!

Laughing gas crew


11pm till 5am


it is a commission based job but earnings can be from 20-80 Euros a night.


Going around the best bars and club selling laughing gas to party goers. This is a very popular job as you can be situated in different places throughout the evening...you will also spend most of your working hours laughing.


Varied Locations of Work, Great Fun

Jelly Shot Girls


Depending on the bar/club but the hours are generally from around 10pm-3am.


It is normally a commission based job but typical earnings can be from 20 - 80 Euros per night.


Working in a permanent party atmosphere where you will be selling a wide selection of jelly drinks, shots, tubes and gas chambers. To do this job you have to be very outgoing and have the ability to be both fun and flirty.


Relatively easy, free drinks, good tips


There are potentially other jobs ranging from being a ticket seller to various other sales jobs.

These are of less availability and for more details please contact us on 0871 288 4412