Ibiza is the most renowned clubbing capital of the world and people dream of working abroad on this sensational white isle. Our Ibiza reps and guests provide an insight for you in to summer work in Ibiza with our latest spotlight on resorts we operate in around Europe. Featuring guest reviews about PlayaWay in Ibiza and snippets of information from the incredible resort.
A summer job in Ibiza for the summer of 2016 looks to be a favourable choice with bookings at a record high for next year, already. It will be our seventh year of operation there helping around 350 people work in Ibiza every summer since 2009.

Our PlayaWay Ibiza Reps Kirsty, Lilley & Nicola have asked the guests for some feedback about their stay and experience in Ibiza. We have some varied reviews about PlayaWay Abroad from guests who worked in Ibiza this year through PlayaWay.

Emily, 23 from London had the following to say “I’m living and working in Ibiza and came out with playaway. My reps are Kirsty and lillie and I just wanted to say what a great job they’ve done. I work for a taxi company (pa) and have landed myself a great job, which I can come back to next year. This is all down to Kirsty and lillie. They made my dream of living in Ibiza come true. They set up the interview for me. I’ve seen some bad reviews, but I think if you want it bad enough you will get a job. You have the support and help off Kirsty and lillie but you also have to make the effort. Just wanted to make sure they’re great work is recognised”

Emily went on to say her highlight from working abroad with PlayaWay was the amnesia boat party, that the reps regularly take the guests on.

Jordan Webb, 20 from Stoke came away with PlayaWay to Ayia Napa in 2014 and this year chose Ibiza. He arrived in June and was assisted in finding work for the infamous Ibiza Rocks in the main shop at the amazing venue. Jordan gave us an insight of how things worked out for him this year..

“The highlight of my experience is meeting everyone that’s came away with Playaway, the reps Kirtsy and Lilly have have done a great job settling everyone in and getting everything sorted such as my NIE, CV, Job and Spanish phone within the first week as well as been introduced to the clubs and the island.”

He also made a point of acknowledging the on-hand rep service stating “Also if there’s ever an issue they come to the Rio apartments as soon as possible to resolve it. Doing a top job can’t knock them. I came with Playaway last year to Napa and this years definitely an improvement”

His favourite Playaway moment was “every Wednesday when the new guest arrive” A standard favourite for guests in all resorts around Europe during the summer.

Next up we spoke to Kieran Teague, 19 from Cornwall. PlayaWay helped him get work for Plastiks and eventually after working his way up from PR, landed himself with a bar job. In a detailed review of his experience here is what he had to say.

“Would just like to say how much of a good time I’m having in ibiza right now and how much I’ve fallen in love with the beautiful island, from the first night to now I’ve enjoyed myself so much, I would just like to also highlight some of the things my reps have done to help me get where I am now, on my second day they helped me set up my Spanish phone and also helped me write my CV they then took me to a recruitment day where I landed myself a PR job that day, I then found myself a new job as a PR and made my way up by getting moved into the bar four days into it! We’ve had some amazing bar crawls and days out the reps also showed me around letting me know where the nearest free pools are and cheapest restaurants to eat out!
I’ve been here for 6 weeks now coming up to my 7th and after the the 4th week when your meant to move on from you accommodation I struggled to find further accommodation with the help of the reps we still couldn’t find anything, the reps then let me stay on in the apartment that we live in for the first 4 weeks to help me find further accommodation. MY REPS HAVE BEEN AMAZING WITH ME THROUGH OUT THE SEASON AND NOT ALSO ARE THEY MY REPS BUT I CAN NOW ALSO CALL THEM MY FRIENDS!!! Personally I don’t think I would be where I am right now if it wasn’t for there help! ❤️ IBIZA 2015 ❤️”

There is so much on offer in Ibiza that it is impossible to fit it all in to one week but below is a detailed focus on what the guests experience once they arrive in resort.

Wednesday – Arrival Day
We have around 12-16 people touch down with a special tingly feeling arriving into Aeroport d’Eivissa – tends to be a chilled afternoon before heading out on the famous PlayaWay Bar Crawl around San Antonio


Welcome Meeting Breakfast and organising local phones for guests followed
by a day out surf house where you can go on Flow Rider Beach, play volleyball, chill out on sun loungers with a cocktail or party round the pool listening to a live DJ set

This day is mainly focussed on getting future work in Ibiza for PlayaWay guests, with recruitments day, writing up cvs as well as arranging NIE numbers.

As there is soooo much going on in Ibiza this day can vary and tends to end up with a visit to one of Ibiza’s super clubs like amensia, space, privilege or sankeys.

Tends to be a relax and recover day and a chill out day at one of the beautiful beaches in Ibiza

One of the highlights every week is watching the sunset at Cafe Mambos, something that the white isle is renowned for. Words can’t describe this moment but we ensure all guests experience it at least once a week.

A day when the reps get everything ready for the guests moving out and and helping them find further accommodation and also ensuring that everything is in place for the new arrivals.

Some of the other amazing experiences that the guests regularly receive are pool party’s at Ocean Beach Club or Ushuaia, The Cream Amnesia Boat Party, Zoo Project, BBC Radio 1 Ibiza Events, BBQs and meals out.

If you want to be a part of this experience and work in Ibiza with PlayaWay in 2016 then simply go to the book now page or call 0871 288 4412 or 07931 098 444 for more information.