PlayaWay and Ibiza are the perfect mix for your summer work sensation…working abroad in arguably the best clubbing destination in the world with the company that knows what you need.

Thousands of people flock to the island for summer jobs in Ibiza and PlayaWay provide the perfect package that will work for you, saving you time and money. You will be living a dream lifestyle while working abroad. It is the hardest place to find work and accommodation in Europe but we have made it easy for you. We have secured exclusive ‘Worker’ style accommodation, airport collection, and an on-hand guide with the experience and expertise to advise you on work and show you the hot-spots.

Working in Ibiza will be made easy with the help of PlayaWay as we take the stress away, leaving you to enjoy what the island has to offer; Epic DJs, world-class clubs, sensual sunsets and the experience of a lifetime.

Living and working abroad in Ibiza can last as long as you like, or just come for a party holiday of a lifetime!


Prices vary by season and can range from £431 to £581.

Jobs in Ibiza 2018, work in Ibiza

Workers Accommodation

One month accommodation including all bills, bed linen and towels changed once a week. Air con is included.
accomodation and jobs in Ibiza 2018, you can work in Ibizawork in Ibiza, jobs in Ibiza 2018

Fly from and cost

All airports depending on availability. Cost 40-150 GBP

When can I go work in Ibiza?

We have a large range of arrival dates for the best times of the year for partying and working.

Please check the dates and prices for more information.

Jobs in Ibiza 2018

Shot Girls, Glass Collectors, Bar Work, PR Work, Laughing Gas Sellers, Ticket Sellers, Meet & Greet, Waiting Tables, Restaurant Work

Workers Apartments in Ibiza

Max 4 people per room, single sex rooms available

Group Size

Weekly arrivals of up to 12 people

Reps in resort

Dedicated rep in resort for your whole stay, help with your CV and sorting out your essential NIE number

Highlights of working in Ibiza

PlayaWay Bar Crawl, Super Clubs, Incredible DJs




At some point during the day you will arrive in the Airport and the reps will collect and transfer you.
The first day is to relax and settle in to your room and get the tan started!!
10.30pm – 11.00pm – Meet at apartments.
An amazing night out on a bar crawl in Ibiza, for your intro in to one of the most renowned clubbing destinations in Europe. #Mayhem



12pm – Meet at apartments at the resort and go to the beach for breakfast/lunch and welcome meeting. It is essential you attend this meeting as we will discuss what the next 4 weeks will bring.
2pm – Chillaxing on the beach. Sometimes this may be a pool day instead.
8pm – Meal and drinks, followed by a 2nd bar crawl.

DAY 3-6


Over the next few days there tend to be a variety of things going on in Ibiza such as The Pukka Up Boat Party, Zoo Project, Ocean Beach Club Pool Party and The Infamous Café Mambo Sunset! The rep will discuss all this in resort as soon as you arrive. Also during these days the reps will spend a lot of time with you discussing your job options, introducing you to bars, clubs and restaurants where you may end up working. They will also organise anything that you may require in the resort, e.g local mobile phones.

By the end of your first week you will have had an eye opening experience and you will also have a good idea of where you will be working and what you will be doing. However don’t forget the reps and PlayaWay Abroad are here for you, for the whole of your time in the resort.

Please be aware that the above itinerary is only an example of what could happen during your first week.

Jobs in Ibiza 2018 – Resort Notes

Ibiza is one of most world renowned places for clubber and summer workers. We have the best knowledge to help set you up to get a job. It is an ideal place to work abroad if you have experience and has the largest number of arrivals of any of resorts in respect of workers and tourists. Competition is high for work in Ibiza so be prepared to go to many interviews and you will need a CV with your photo embedded in to it.

Ibiza attracts world class DJs between the end of May and September, and you are sure to be gobsmacked by what awaits you on this amazing island