Zante is next in our feature spotlights about people working abroad in party resorts around Europe.

Working in Zante has, over last few years, become extremely popular and PlayaWay Abroad have the total package to set you up with that dream job in Zante. One of Greece’s largest party islands is the home to the Laganas strip in Zante, and its 14 kilometres of golden sand beaches combined with water sports and a party scene to match any other resort. This combination makes working in Zante an adrenaline fuelled experience which you will remember forever

Working abroad in Zante for Summer 2016 looks to be a favourite option with many of you already, as we are almost fully booked on some dates for next year. In our fifth year of operation we are established and recognised as the number 1 company to work in Zante with. Our PlayaWay Abroad Reps Emma & Dimitris have spoken to some guests in resort to find out how they have found their experience. We have some detailed reviews about PlayaWay Abroad from summer workers and their insight in to the resort and life working abroad.

We’ll start with Dan, 21 from Wales who has the job every guy dreams of when working abroad, a barman. Working for Mon repo Dan said his
working abroad highlight is “all the people I’ve met and the life style is so relaxed here and everyone is so friendly” Having used PlayaWay Abroad to work in Zante his favourite PlayaWay moment so far
“was when we rented speed boats for the day” This is something we regular do with guests and they absolutely love it!

Amy, 19 from Dublin is working in the popular job ‘PR’ for the well known Cheeky Tikkis and is loving her summer job in Zante. Like Dan her highlight of working abroad is “meeting new people all the time” This is standard with PlayaWay as we have up to 12 new people arriving every week to work in Zante. When asked what her best moment had been with
Playaway so far, she replied “was when we rented quads for the day and went exploring the island”

Finally, Georgia, 21 from Stevenage who is a ticket seller for one of the best boat partys in Europe “Rum and ray bands boat party” gets the chance to give holiday makers one of the most amazing days during their stay on the island. As a sun lover Georgia stated her love for working abroad saying “my highlight is getting to wake up to sunshine every day and life’s a beach BBQ makes my week” Her favourite Playaway moment, which is a common answer from most guests, is new arrival bar crawls every Thursday! This is the one day where everyone knows PlayaWay guests take over the laganas strip in Zante to welcome the new arrivals.
As a resort we take between 8-12 people out every week to Zante and the reps in resort give all guests a fun-filled, party fuelled, action packed week, which usually includes the following:
Thursday – Arrival Day
As soon as you land in Zakynthos airport , Emma will be waiting for you.
From there you head back to resort getting a first glimpse of the strip as our hotel is right at the start of all the bars. Once everyone is settled in they all head down to cherry bay for a alcoholic slushi because they are the best things ever and you get to look at the beautiful zante beach. The first night is the first bar crawl where all guests head down the strip where they are introduced to managers and meet the rest of the Playaway family!

You’re second day is a chilled day at the pool to sweat out the alcohol from the night before and if that’s not enough there’s slides at the pool which will really wash out that hangover! Everyone then heads out on the second bar crawl and as its Fancy Dress Friday’s in zante, all will probably be dressed up having a great time making everyone else jealous of how good they all look!

The third day is a beach day where the guests chill out play a few games swim in the sea. There’s no bar crawls for the rest of the week so you are free to go out where and when you want!

This is pedalo day where we go hunting for the famous Zante turtles in the stunning Ionian island sea!

This is one of our reps ‘Emma’ favourite days of the week! It’s the workers bbq at the beach bar ‘life’s a beach’ where all the workers head down and have a good day time drinking session!

Guests tend to either rent speed boats and go exploring the beautiful island and the caves or we go to the water park which is such a fun day out!

This is a great end to guests first week, they on ‘go bananas sabotage boat party’ which is an amazing boat party! The Resident DJ of sabotage, one of the biggest clubs out here, DJs every week so your guaranteed a good time!

After your first week with Playaway in Zante you’re probably thinking about working so everything gets discussed about what sort of jobs you think you want to do and what clubs you like and placements and trials start from there!

Zante is one of the most beautiful islands we operate in with a nightlife which can only be described as ‘electric’ You are going to have an amazing time here with Playaway! In Zante there is a strong feel of the ‘one big PlayaWay family’ and we promise you, you will make friends for life!

If you want to be a part of this life changing experience and work in Zante with PlayaWay in 2016 then simply go to the book now page or call 0871 288 4412 or 07931 098 444 for more information.