Flights, Transfers & Insurance

Playa Way Abroad


Flights are not included in the price of your working holiday package. We give you the flexibility to fly from any airport you choose. We would recommend using to search for the cheapest flights on your date or alternatively contact and our team can help find you the cheapest flight possible for you. Please see below the average flight prices for each of our resorts.

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Transfers are included in the price of your working holiday package in all resorts except Ibiza which they are not, however they are cheap in Ibiza and shouldn't cost more than €40.


Travel insurance is essential for all of our guests to travel with us. Your in resort rep will check in the rep meetings if you have travel insurance so please make sure you have purchased this before hand. Here at Playaway Abroad we regard your experience with us but most of all your safety as our number one priority and that starts from the moment you step on the plane.


We will help you find the right flight for you, making the process completely hassle free.

Airport Transfer

You're personally met at the airport and privately transferred back to the resort by the PlayaWay Rep. (Excluding Ibiza)


You're provided with a Premium Apart-Hotel with all bills included for 28 nights in a prime location.


You're given a weeks induction full of bar crawls, boat parties, pool parties and whilst you're having the best time of your life, we'll even arrange all your legalities for you.

Job search

We provide you with the opportunity to find work in numerous bars and clubs through all our great connections we have obtained throughout the years of operating.