Grace (Age 22)

Maga Rep – 1 Year

Grace is just one of the 12 outstanding reps who will be there to help you 24/7 during your stay with us!

What Grace has to say:

“After working abroad for 2 years I decided to become a rep for PlayaWay, after 1 interview and a rigorous weekend of training I got the job! Its one of the best things I have ever done! No day is ever the same and trust me you will have memories for life. What I have learnt by being with PlayaWay is you play hard and work harder! If you have worked abroad before and have lots of energy and want a change then PlayaWay is a no brainer, as you will learn invaluable life experience from the moment you start”

Steph (Age 26)

Tenerife – 2 Years

Steph has the most experience of all our Reps she has lived abroad for 10 Years so if there is anything you need help with she can help with everything, nothing is ever to complicated!

What Steph has to say:

I came away as a guest way back in 2006 the first year PlayaWay operated! I have lived in Tenerife ever since and after 8 seasons away I decided to become a rep, I have worked over 10 season now in Tenerife and it so much fun! I love giving all my guests the best experience possible. I like to think of my self as not only their rep but also their friend! I can’t thank PlayaWay enough for giving me this opportunity! PlayaWay as been by far the best working abroad experience of my life.

Becky (Age 24)

Zante – 2 Years

Becky is crazy, spontaneous, lovable,kind all the great qualities you need in a Rep, you are sure to love her!

What Becky has to say:

I came away with PlayaWay originally as a guest and had the most amazing time ever mostly because of how the reps gave us the best time. I decided from my experience that that’s exactly what I wanted to do! Give guests an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to rep my first year in Zante and then my second in Tenerife. Im hoping to rep again next year as I love giving everyone a good time! PlayaWay has not only given me a career but also the most amazing friends! PlayaWay Family Forever!

Joel (Age 26)

Ayia Napa – 2 Years

Joel is always up for a laugh and when there’s a prank being pulled he is always to be seen! Joel is also a great Rep who is always there for you!

What Joel has to say:

An experience with PlayaWay Abroad is not just a summer season working in a foreign country serving bright, fancy cocktails and shots of tequila. It’s a complete change of lifestyle.
It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. If you are sitting behind a desk in an office answering numerous, boring phone calls and typing out boring emails about subjects and topics that you haven’t got a clue about and that you frankly aren’t interested in one bit. You’re reporting to an overweight middle-aged man dressed in a cheap suit that drives a financed BMW and is going bald on top. You sit there watching the clock hands tick by, counting down the minutes until the weekend where you are in your element. You are out on the town with your mates, drinking, socialising and dancing the night away. But in the back of your mind lingers the thought of Monday morning, back in the dull, repetitive office, tapping away at your keyboard. Sound familiar, then you are in the wrong game.
Working for PlayaWay is AMAZING and coming away with them is even better, which I did a few years ago! Now look at me!

Mike (Age 27)

Malia – 4 Years

Mike is our resort Manager For Malia and has worked for PlayaWay for over 4 years!

What Mike has to say:

“I have worked for PlayaWay for a while now and I have been a rep in Ayia Napa, Tenerife and Malia and still to this day I love it! 5 years ago I actually came away with PlayaWay as a guest and loved the atmosphere that much the following winter I decided to apply for the reps position and I have never looked back. I have made friends for life by doing this job. Being a PlayaWay Rep is amazing I truly love my job. Well my summer in Malia, – This season was by far the best summer I’ve ever had since I decided to work abroad four years ago. Malia is like my second home if not I feel more at home there then I do in England.I lived in the hotel where the guests stayed it was interesting, not only did we as a hotel get on like a family it was like the big brother house at times. Everyone knows all the gossip night after night. Story time the next morning around the pool was always fun. There was one week where I swear I was the only English person there the hotel was being taken over by Scottish that soon changed when we had the next weeks arrivals. That’s when the girls club formed, the lads were by far out numbered yolo lol. Bring on another great summer and memories I will never forget. That’s what summers about creating memories and friends for life.

Kirsty Atkinson (Age 32)

Ibiza – 5 Years

Kirsty is one of our longest standing reps who is always there to help, If there is a problem Kirsty is there to save the day, you could not be in safer hands!

What Kirsty has to say:

Firstly, working as a PlayaWay Rep in Ibiza is without doubt the BEST Job in the WORLD!
I have just finished working my fifth year as a Rep with PlayaWay Abroad and during the summer and ones gone I have got to meet so many amazingly fun and crazy people who I will remain friends with for a very long time to come. From sitting on a beach all day building human pyramids to running our weekly bar crawls, life in Ibiza could not have been any better!
Every week myself, the other rep and all of the guests already in resort would welcome another crazy bunch of guests into the IBIZA PlayaWay family. Everybody would look out for each other and most would become roommate’s with each other after their month’s accommodation was up.
I loved watching from week one and seeing the PlayaWay family grow, Seeing each person building a life for themselves in Ibiza and watching them hard at work whilst absolutely loving life.
PlayaWay is amazing and if you want to work abroad there is no one better to come away with!

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