So it’s the morning after a crazy night out and you’re throwing yourself a pity part from (pressumably) a very dark bedroom as your holiday hangover is kicking in!…floating somewhere between self-pity, remorse and a vile feeling that you could be about to throw it all up. While we don’t have a rewind button, we do have some pretty good tips to help you fast forward to feeling human again!

The 4 main Tips!

1. Rehydrate! 💧 Dehydration is the main reason you’ll feel so rubbish, so this is the first essential step. We recommend starting with water, but if this isn’t quite doing the trick - try a Lucozade sport, or Powerade - these kind of isotonic sports drinks are designed to hydrate fast! 2. Full English 🍳 This one’s tough to face if you’re in the throws of the hangover from hell, but eggs actually are scientifically proven to help! They contain something called taurine, which has been shown to help replace fatty acids and break down the alcohol in your liver. 3. Stick the shades on 😎 Aside from the fact everyone will be fully aware why you’re wearing them anyway - your senses will actually thank you for it. With excessive alcohol consumption your eyes and ears are prone to becoming hypersensitive, so dulling things down for the following day will definitely help! 4. Sleep! 💤 It sounds like a bit of a no brainer, but this is the best way to get back on top form for the following night and means you don’t mean too many nights out on your #PlayaWay vacation! We hope we’ve given you a few pointers on how to survive this one - and maybe next time consider lining your stomache better the night before and staying hydrated throughout the night! No-one’s judging so try knocking back a glass of water for each cocktail! 😉   To Book a working holiday please click HERE!