Working Holidays Abroad with Playaway

Playa Way Abroad

From Tenerife to Ibiza and everything in between, PlayaWay offer working holidays in some of the most exciting and famous resorts in the world.

Whether you're into clubbing and nightlife, relaxing on incredible beaches, water-sports and high-octane thrill seeking or simply enjoying the sun with a few cool beers and good company, we will have the perfect working experience for you!



Malia is ideal for someone who’s never traveled abroad before, that doesn’t mean its any more laid back than any other resort. Malia is known for its infamous nightlife and has held some of the biggest events in Europe.



With Tenerife being an all year around resort its increasingly becoming a back packer’s favorite resort to visit every year. With lots of beaches to relax on and loads of fantastic bars and clubs to go to, it’s the perfect mixture of tranquility and madness.



Zante is starting to make a name for itself. It’s gorgeous sandy beaches and epic nights out are just two of the best parts about Zante. Lets not forget Zante houses some of the best attractions a party destination has to offer!



Ibiza is a place where dreams are made. Its accommodated some of the best parties this world has ever seen. Anyone can feel at home on this beautiful island, from people on a budget to A-list celebrities.


Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa has plenty to offer with lots of beaches to relax on and plenty of bars and clubs to go out and party! Ayia Napa is ideal for an experienced worker due to the competition for work and the madness of the nights out!



Magaluf is home to some of the best events the summer seasons have ever seen. It’s the perfect mixture of hot sunny beach days, to crazy wild nights.